...But I Digress.

Buggre Alle Thys For A Larke...I'm Going To Ye Pubbe.

You can call me Brit.
15 October
House of Eclecstacy in Suburban Bohemia
This is me, in artsy black and white and a bob wig:

Putting hearts around your name makes you look thinner. Check it out: ♥ Britpoptarts ♥

Ringtone: Is this now a measure of coolness? I'm so out of the loop about these things. The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" is the default. I use Bowie (musician friends), the "Sex & The City" theme (gal pals), Blondie (best friends) & Bizet (a "warning" ring) also. I do not talk on my phone in movie theatres and I will dump popcorn butter on your head if you do.

Favourite swears: Shitful, asshat, poo, wanker, arseface, clownmunch and fuckity. Actually, I don't curse a lot unless I am around Bad Influences with pottymouths. Then it's open season on blue language. Making up new swear words is also fun.

Posh and/or Evil Social Talents: I genuinely like almost everyone. I'm accepting of almost everyone. (You have to be a major jerk for me NOT to like you.) I'm comfortable trying new things (with the caveat that I am vigilant about my personal safety). I am a night owl, so I'm up for the after-after-after party.

I never get drunk and make my friends drive me home or hold my hair while I yark. I don't care what you do for a living or how much money you make, I want to know if you are happy. I come from the future and there are no flying cars. However, everyone is a bit taller on the whole than folks are now, and they are living longer than you'd expect. Also, the Global Warning thing? We meant that shit, yo. In the Soviet Russia of the future, silvery parka wears YOU! What else? I am a superlative listener. Like that time you were talking about that annoying thing that bugs you; your biggest pet peeve. (What was that again?) I introduce people to each other (thus expanding everyone's social circle whenever possible) and quick to praise my friends to each other, I'm told I'm funny and witty and smart, and I really don't care if you don't like my outfit, because I probably look damn good in it. *laugh* I type too fast, and that makes the baby Jebus cry, because my posts are novellas, and I hide the funny in the middle, like nougat.

Buh?: You know what? ...if you can't figure out what I'm like and what I'm interested in after looking at my interests and the LJ groups on my Friends list, I'm not sure that anything I'd say here would be any more enlightening. :)

Meh!: Still not sure we could be Best Friends Forever? You could also ask me questions, which would be the most direct way of finding out things!

Revenge of The Mutant Son of Tealdeer: Updated to add a more useful auto-bio I wrote (unwillingly) for a class. It's only the fourteenth bio I've had to do for these folks, and they all have different ideas about how one of these stupid things should be written. This has been edited down from the Defcon 2 level of Snark it used to have.

"I was born with a stainless steel spoon in my mouth, no hair whatsoever on my head, and twin genetic bullets of depression and addictive tendencies aimed point blank at my head. The downmarket spoon came with hand-me-down silver rattles with ancient toothmarks and thorny inscriptions. Our ancestors did a lot of great things, managed to arrive in America soon enough to get mixed up in the Revolution to a very minor degree, and then proceeded to make descendants. The hair problem was self-correcting; seemingly even more so as I get older and have to pay for my own beauty salon visits. If you're worried about the genetic jackpot I mentioned, well, I managed to duck one problem but get grazed by the other."

Read the rest of it here.

There you go.

There's other stuff in my blog. Pictures of me with hot musicians. Bibliophile drivel. "Sims 2" pictures, when I have free time to mess about with it (rare). Whatever pissed me off that day. (Usually) bad art (which is usually mine, and if you want to see the better stuff, you can hunt for my portfolio link). Ferret owner comments. Attempts at humour. Lists. Rants. Politics. Lolcatz.

Embarrassing pictures.


In other words, this is a blog. Don't expect too much and we'll get along just fine.

See, I like you already.

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